Red Willow County
Past and Present
Family History
Robert T. Ray
Lois Rutledge
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   The Old Baptist Church essay from the end of the book.

   Many of the GAR veterans in the county are listed in the miscllaneous section.

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William F.  Akers
Charles F.  Allen
Franklin P.  Allen
John C.  Allen
William H.  Allen
Clyde  Alstot
John Walker  Andrews

Paulene (Arens)  Pade
H. Marion  Ashmore
Barnett H. Ashton
Jesse Clay  Ashton
Eugene B. Austin
Fransis M. Austin
Robert W. Austin

Charles F.  Babcock
Alfred Horace  Bagley
Thomas H.  Bales
Albert P.  Barnes
Charles W.  Barnes
James W.  Barnes
Theodore F.  Barnes
Albert  Barnett
Charles H.  Barnett
Allen K.  Bartley
Elmer Paul  Baruth

Elizabeth  Bastian
Samuel George  Bastian
Aaron  Bates
Sarah E. Beebe
Joseph Matthew  Behnke
Alfred H.  Bell
William H.  Benjamin

Dora  Bennett
John  Betz
George S.  Bishop
Charles  Blake

Pricilla B. Bobinmyer
Stephen D.  Bolles
Howard W.  Bourne
Benjamin Frances  Bowen
W. E.  Bower
Thomas  Boyd
Charles Howare  Boyle
Eben  Bray
Ralph G.  Brooks

Louise B. Brosee
John R.  Brown
Sarah Ellen Brown
Patsy Buford
Lucy Louisa Burgess

William P.  Burns
Mary Jane Bryan

Alexander Campbell
Alexander W.  Campbell

Elsie  Campbell
John Milton  Campbell
William Homer  Campbell
James H.  Carr
Hellen A. Chandler
Luke H.  Cheney
Thomas R.  Cheney
Earl Clarence  Chitwood
Hiram Cornell  Clapp
Monroe J.  Clark

Ora Annice (Clay)
John  Coleman
William  Coleman
Henry  Collins

Theodor  Colling
Silas Homer  Colvin
John Francis  Cordeal
Arthur C.  Crabtree
Henry  Crabtree
William Newton  Cratley

Sadie Cumming
James B.  Cummings
Rosa V. Cunningham
Orlando A.  Curtis

Darlene Lenore Day
Edward P.  Deharsh
William Alonzo  DeMay

Harriet Densley
Michael  Devoe
George W.  Dillion
Sidney  Dodge
John W.  Dolan
Joel B.  Dolph
DeWitt Yule  Dorwart
Mrs. Harriet  Downs
Mary Jane Downs
Elizabeth Eliza Drummond
Bradley B.  Duckworth
Loton  Duckworth
Joseph   Dudek
John  Dunning
Aaron  Dutcher
Charles K.  Dutcher
Willard G. Jr.  Dutton

Ralph A. Hagberg
William A Halsey
Mrs. Elsie  Hannan
A.C. Harlan William H. Harmon
Joseph H. Harr
Reason Homer  Harrison
Mrs.Katherine   Harsch
John E.  Hathorn
Timothy C.  Hegeman
John F.  Helm

Anna Elizabeth Henton
Charles R.  Herrick
Sarah Margaret Hess
William  Heirsekorn, Jr.
Eustache E.  High
Edgar S.  Hill
George C.  Hill
William Hays  Hill
Charles B.  Hoag
George  Hocknell, Jr.
Joseph Horacdk
Julia Horkey
Hampton H.  Horton
James Monroe  Horton
Jefferson J.  Horton
Charles A.  Hotze
Clarence E.  Hotze
William H.  Hotze
C. Howard  Hoyt
James L.  Hoyt
James L.  Hoyt  (additional info)
Vira  Hoyt

Joseph A.  Hudsen
Martha J.  Hull
Robert W. Hume

Nellie  Earl
Elmer R.  Earle
Elmer R.  Earle
Albert  Ebert
Charles E.  Eldred
Martin A.  Ellingson
Samuel  Ellis
William P.  Elmer

Anna M.  Elswick
Harriet  Ely
Charles E.  Emerson
Elmer E.  Ervin
William J  Evans

Johannas  Fiechner
Edward H.  Fiesterman
Stephen  Finn
Michael H.  Finnegan
Andrew C.  Finnell
William W.  Fisher
William C.  Fitch
William S  Fitch
Edward I.  Filtgraft

Loreta Agusta Flock
Edith Elizabeth Fraley
Cora  Franch
Volcanses J.  Franklin
Margaret Fredrich
Barbara  Fritz
Archie C.  Furman

Henry  Gale
James M.  Gammill
Elias  Ganga
Alexander T.  Gatewood
Charles Allen  Gay
Charles Alonzo  Gay
Walter Algenus  Gay
Sarah Robena Gibson
Alex P.  Gochis
Samuel L.  Green
Vernon Val    Gregg
Maurice L.  Griffin
Peter  Groves
Zylphia I. Gunter


Margaret E.  Ikerd
Emma Jane  Irish
William M.  Irwin
Juliet Upshur  Jackson
Sarah F.  Jackson
James A.  Jamison
Mattie Jennings
Albert E.  Johnson
Martha Elizabeth Johnson
Mary Ann Johnson

Ahira Z.  Jones
Delia S.  Jones
Joseph Junker
Elmer Kay
Zachius L.  Kay
Chester  Keith
David Keithley
John E.  Kelley
Mrs. Nora M.  Kelley
William K.  Kendal
William P.  Kennedy
Sarah Jane  Kent
Mahias Kessler
Francis Marion  Kimmel
Mrs.  Mabel Kimmel
John  Kinkead
Hattie  Kirkbride
Larry D.  Knight
Lewis B.  Korns

Rolland C  Larmon
Charles R.  Larson

Pluma  Lashley
Rose Lilly  Lee
J. S.  LeHew
Gertrude E.  Lehn
Earl F.  Leninger
George  Leland
Barney N.  Lewis

Melissa  Lewis
John Longnecker
Andrew  Lord
Clifton  Lord
McArthur  Lord
Ella  Leonard
Katie  Lovejoy
Bertha A.  Lussen

Christian F.  Pade
Herman F. Pade
Ernest M.  Parker
Ramond Ashton  Parker

Catherine  Parks
Isaiah R. Pate
Thomas J. Pate

Mary E. Patterson
Frederick A  Pennington
Francis M. Penningtom
Paul A.  Perrenoud
Edward Falstaff  Peterson
Andrew Phillips

(also in the Misc section, page 272)

Jasper S.  Phillips
William S.  Phillips
James B.  Pickering
William H. Plourd
Hiram C.  Plumb
Charles W.  Poore
Louie  Prather
Joseph C.  Predmore
Charles  Puelz

Earl E. Quigley
Sarah Rose Randolph
Charles Wayne Ray
George Ray
Robert T. Ray
Robert T. Ray
Frank Real
William Relph
William Remmington
Earl Homer Ridnour
Aldolph F. Reischiek
Charles D. Ritchie

Rebecca Jane Roberts
Julia Ann Rose
Josiah B. Roshong
John W Rowland

Alice Maud Ruby
Charles H. Russell
William Oscar Russell
Earmest Arthur Rutledge
McDonald Ryan
Tinnie Ryan

John Raymond  McCarl
Francis Lloyd  McCashland
Francis Wilder  McCashland
George EmKee  Mclain
Samuel Dover  McClain
Harriet Elmira  McClellan
Lewis WIlliam  McConnell
Roderick S.  McDonald
Patrick Francis  McKenna
Dennis M.  Mckillp
William D.  MacKechnie

Melissa  MacLaskey
David  Magner
Mary E.  March
Charles Markwad
Carl Frederic  Marsh
Wiley  Mathews

Emma  Menhardt
Chuancy Samuel  Messner
Samuel Roberts  Messner

Elizabeth S.  Millen
Amanda Louise Mitchell
Francis Ann  Murphy

Henry Howard  Mitchell
Thomas  Moore
George B.  Morgan
Frank B.  Morrison
Alexander S.  Muirhead

Carrie  Nelson
Guy Leon  Nelson
George W.  Norris
Isaac O'Conner
Benjamin F.  Olcott
Wilbur H.  Oldfather

Anna M.  Orr
Katherine  Owens

Wilber F. Saunder
Katherine M. Schook (Shook)
Perlee W. Scot
Roland Scott
Ray Search
Emma Severance
Enoch A. Sezson
Maria Shaw
Francenia Shepherd
Isaac Shepherd
Sarah Elizabeth Schockley
Katherine M Shook (Schook)
Albert Sigwing
Soren Simonsen
Betty Alice Simpson
Charles Skalla
Lloyd Slaughter

Cora A. Smith
Howe Smith
Margaret Smith
Thomas J. Smith
William H. Smith
William Henry Smith
Frank H. Spearman

Elizabeth Springer
William George Springer
Francis M. Steele
Jacob Steinmetz
Joseph H. Stephens
James Stephenson
Isaac W. Sevens
Wade Stevens
Robert R. Stewart
Solomon W. Stilgebour
Linus C. Stoll
William A. Stone
Elvira Ann Strain
John A Strain
Harry Strunk
Louis Suess
Edward Sughroue
Josiah Sullivan
Harvey Putnam Sutton
Wilber Kay Swanson
Francis Swartz

Frederick Wagoner
Susan Elizabeth Walker
John P. Wallace
George Albert Wallen
James Wallen
Lynn Albert Wallen
Patrick Walsh
Donavon Walters
Aldolph Walz
Isaih H. Wasson
Delos A. Waterman
Harold K. Watson

Lois Elaine Watson
John W. Welorn
James T. Welch
Angelo P. Wells
Gottlieb Weyeneth
William Whygint

Fannie White
Edna Mae Whitten
William Wallace Whitten
Fowler S Wilcox
Gerald Willcox
Justian A. Wilcox
William E. Widherst
Asa A. Wolfe
William M. Wood
Enos M. Woods
Charles R. Woodworth
Jack Wright

John Henry Yarger
George H. Zimmerman
Arthur Loren Zink

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Alice Mae Thomas
Daniel Wayne Thomas
Robert Hanson Thomas
May Thompson
Henry F. Tomblin
Hazel T. Thompson
John L. Townley
George Traphagan
John Traut
Francis M. Travelpiece
Nickolas J. Uerling
Clara  Marie Uhren
Emma J. Underhill
John W. Underhill
William Valentine

Clara Vance
Mary M. Van Wagoner
Mary Ann Vaughn

Ralph von Reisen
Thank You to Bob Ray who gave me permission to put this book in electronic form and put it up on the internet quite a few years ago.  I originally hoped to put it in text format, but as I am not much of a typist, I had to resort to either PDF or JPG format,

I know that Bob knew my grandparents, Alice and Asa Wolfe who were part of Red Willow County's history and avid in preserving it's stories.
The Index of names lists most of the women by their maiden name, but then the bios are placed alphabetically by their married names.  I have tried to link the names to the section of the book that contains their actual biographies.
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