Pennsylvania German Pioneers:
A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808

by Ralph Beaver Strassburger, LL.D.

President of the Pennsylvania German Society
The ship lists are from the book listed below. 

Volume I  is a transcription of the original ships lists. 
Volume II  has reproductions of the documents with the signatures of many of the male immigrants.  I'm not sure why, but it is
so exciting to see their handwritten signatures.
  • The "A" list is the ship Captain's passenger list. 
  • The "B" lists are signatures of the immigrants who took the Oath of Allegiance to the Crown of Great Britain.
  • The "C" lists are signatures of the immigrants who took the Oath of Abjuration.
You can read the oaths here.  It is a text document with the book pages in JPEG format.
If you have a Palatine - German immigrant in your ancestry, I urge you to go to a library and read the first part of this book.
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Johannes Schnauber, husband of
Anna Elizabeth Windemuth

St. Andrew Galley
September 26, 1737

        Transcribed            Signatures
        Volume I                  Volume       

                                "A" List
        page        168                
        page        169
        page        170                

                               "B" List
        page        170                page 182-183
        page        171                page 184-185

                               "C" List
        page        171                page 186-187
        page        172                page 188
        page        173

Johan Christoph Windemuth
transcribed as J. Christophel Windemuth, age 60

Johan Georg Windemuth

also on this ship, Joh. Georg Wambold, age 20 possibly a nephew of Johan's deceased wife

Ship Harle
September 1, 1736

        Transcribed           Signatures
        Volume I                 Volume

                                "A" List
        page        155                
        page        156                
        page        157

                               "B" List
        page        157                page 144-145
        page        158                page 146-147
        page        159                page 148-149

                               "C" List
        page        160                page 150-151
        page        161                page 152-153

Georg Philip Windemuth
transcribed as George Philib Windermuth, age 25
list "B" 5th signature down, old German script.

Ship Samuel
August 11, 1732

        Transcribed                Signatures
        Volume I                        Volume

                                "A" List
        page        59                
        page        60                
        page        61                
        page        62

                               "B" List
        page        63                page 50-51
        page        64                page 52-53
                                       page 54-55

                               "C" List
        page        65                page 54-55
        page        66                page 56-57
        page        67

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Casper Shaver (Schäffer, Schaeffer)
While it is generally accepted that Casper came over on the Queen Elizabeth in 1738, I think that this was probably a prior trip to the American Colonies

The age is correct and the name could be a misunderstanding of the German pronounciation by an English clerk.  Since Casper was illiterate or barely literate at this time (as in 1738) and not able to write his own name

August 17, 1733

        Transcribed            Signatures
        Volume I                  Volume       

                                "A" List
        page        168                
        page        169
        page        170                

                               "B" List
        page        170                page 98-99
        page        171                page 100

                               "C" List
        page        171                page 101
        page        172                page 102-103
        page        173

Casper Shaver (Schäffer, Schaeffer)
husband of Maria Catherina Bernhardt
and brother-in-law of Johan Georg Windemuth

His signature appears on the last page of list B
He marked an "X" on list "C"

This trip is generally accepted as Casper's immigration to America

Queen Elizabeth 
September 16, 1738

        Transcribed            Signatures
        Volume I                  Volume

                                "A" List
        page        168                
        page        169
        page        170                

                               "B" List
        page        170                page 225
        page        171                page 226

                               "C" List
        page        171                page 227
        page        172                page 228-229
        page        173

Website for Casper Shafer's                      ..Family in America by Arnold B. Shafer

It includes a wonderful photo tour of Stillwater, New Jersey

You can see the ship(s) that Casper emigrated in farther down on this page.