Windemuth Family Heritage
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Descendants of
Johan Christoph Windemuth

Born 1676 - Allendorf, Germany

If your name is Wintermute, Wintermote, Wintemute or any version other than Windemuth, you can trace your lineage back to Johan Christoph Windemuth.  Later emigrators to America kept the Windemuth spelling.

The Windemuth Family Organization is a group of dedicated and beautiful people keeping the history of the family and helping others find their heritage.  Please check out their website, buy a copy of the Windemuth Family Heritage, go to a family reunion, or maybe volunteer yourself.

If you aren't sure if your family line is included in the Windemuth Family Heritage, email me and ask me to check my copy, or contact the organization's genealogy committee.
There were Wintermutes that fought in the American Revolution on both sides.  If you wish to join the DAR, your Wintermute family line may be one way to get there. 

If you were descended from the Windemuth son, Georg Philip Windemoed who 's sons fought for the English Loyalists, you may want to join the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada.
You may email me using the CONTACT US link on the home page.  You may also send postal mail to me at:

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Getting the facts straight

In your Wintermute genealogy research on the internet, you may notice some widely discrepant versions of the Windemuth lines back in the 1700's.  Jacob Perry Wintermute researched and wrote the Wintermute Family History back in 1900.  He did a wonderful job on the descendents of Johan Georg Windemuth, my own ancestor.  However, there were serious problems with the lines of Georg Philip Windemuth.  Their sister, Anna Elizabeth Windemuth Snover was barely touched on, perhaps due to her not being in the male descendency lines, or perhaps just because it is generally harder to research female lines. 

These errors were continued when the 1900 research was later entered into the LDS church database.   At least it is there, and it is a good place for new genealogists to start. 

Later Wintermute/Wintermote/Wintemute/Snover researchers went back and made corrections.  I feel very confident that the research in the 1996 Windemuth Family Heritage, compiled by James W. Wintermute, was of a high quality and the Windemuth Family Organization continues this fine research.
The biggest joy in gathering genealogy information is sharing it with others.  If you find this inormation useful, I am so glad!

If you have information to add, and would like to add it here to share it with others, let me know.  If you have a gedcom file, I can add it to this data.   If you need a gedcom file of your line of ancestry, I can email that to you. 

With your permission, all information will also be shared with the Windemuth Family Organization in in order to make sure that it is available for any future book update
If you search on a name in my database and it comes up in both the Windemuth Descendents AND the Maykoski Lewis Wintermute trees, you probably want to look at the Windemuth Descendents tree.  It has a much more extensive database on that branch.  The Maykoski Lewis tree just has my own direct Wintermute line and is only useful to my close cousins.

If you are having trouble finding your Wintermute family, e-mail me at the address below and tell me what you do know about them.  I will see if I can help.  

Here, you can see the ships records, including signatures, of Johan Christoph and his children when they immigrated to the colonies between 1732 and 1736.
Some of my Wintermute family photos.
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